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Bruce Acutt RIP

Consultant Psychologist
One Hectare of land forms Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat. Had it not been for Bruce Acutt RIP and his dedication it would not exist. Bruce Acutt was a local Consultant Psychologist. Cockscomb was part of a parcel of land originally called Cockscomb and owned by Bruce and his wife.

Cockscomb has been on the go since July 1997, built by Veterans and other volunteers and it is now open to all Veterans and Serving Members of all Defence Forces and their Families and to all First Responders, Emergency Services and their families and the more you use it the better it will be. 

Don’t think that because you haven’t had any input into the construction that you don’t have a place in the Cockscomb community. 

Local Veterans or visiting Veterans, and Emergency Services are ALL most welcome to visit, stay over night, or stay for a maximum of 5 days or make arrangements with the Caretaker.

Become a lifetime member, fill out the Official Form and pay one time only $10

Please remember to do the right thing by the signing the register on the railway camp wagon bench.


See the damage in February 2015 Cyclone Marcia did to Cockscomb and look where we are now


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GPS Camp Info
South 23degrees 14minutes 13seconds

East 150degrees 40minutes 49seconds

Susan and Chris Rensonnet

04 7559 1027


Our Patron, Rose Swadling OAM and her husband Graham have been part of Cockscomb from day one. Graham was a member of 42 RQR, and both Rose and Graham were LT (AAC) Australian Army Cadets at Glenmore High school North Rockhampton. Rose worked with Bruce Acutt on other projects. Everybody in the Rockhampton area knows Graham as Swadling Painting Contractors and Rose who was a Councilor with the RRC. Rose never stops, the list of her daily activities assisting our community and organisations in our region is amazing

Eating and Meeting

The New Deck


New Landscaping

Landscaping near the Meeting area





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